Conference details


Dates: 7-8 July 2016.

Venue: The Ertegun House, 37A St Giles’, Oxford, OX1 3LD.

Registration fee: £20; £15 for students and unwaged.

Confirmed keynote: Professor Catriona Seth (Université de Lorraine).

Description: The study of eighteenth-century poetry has conventionally been the mapping out of national cultures and traditions. But are we missing a broader picture of the landscape of eighteenth-century poetry across Europe and beyond? And by comparing approaches to researching and teaching eighteenth-century poetry with scholars in other disciplines, can we gain a new understanding of its place and value within eighteenth-century studies more broadly?

This two-day conference aims to inspire dialogue between scholars working on eighteenth-century poetry in any language and within any discipline. While papers will be in English, the conference will explore connections between poets and poetic traditions in different languages, and consider how the defining features of one nation’s poetic culture compare with those of others in the same period. We are interested in poetry in all its forms – including dramatic verse, libretti and songs – and participants will be very welcome to discuss connections between poetry and other arts in the eighteenth century.

By bringing together researchers with a range of specialisms and disciplinary perspectives, the conference will provide a stimulating forum for discussion of new directions in the study of eighteenth-century poetry, as well as the place that eighteenth-century poetry has had, or should have, in teaching and learning in higher education. The conference will also mark the launch of the fully redeveloped Digital Miscellanies Index, which will enable users to trace English poems in miscellanies from the late sixteenth century to 1780, and demonstrates some of the ways in which digital humanities can reshape our understanding of the literary past.