Final Programme

We’re very much looking forward to welcoming all of our speakers and participants to the conference in a few days.

Here is the final version of the programme.


7 July 2016



9.30-11.00: PANEL 1

Verse Miscellanies and Authorship

Chair: Abigail Williams

Adam Bridgen (University of Oxford), ‘The death of the author: wills in verse’

John T. Gilmore (University of Warwick), ‘Authorship and anonymity in eighteenth-century British Latin verse’

Carly Watson (University of Oxford), ‘How many authors make a miscellany? Authorship in printed verse miscellanies of the eighteenth century’


11.15 -12.45: PANEL 2

Science and Religion in Eighteenth-Century Poetry 

Chair: Kelsey Rubin-Detlev

James Morland (King’s College London), ‘Connections with ancient atheism: Lucretius as an adaptive eighteenth-century poetic influence’

Andrea Penso (Stendhal-Grenoble 3 University), ‘The connection between poetry and philosophy in Italy during the second half of the eighteenth century’

Joanna Raisbeck (University of Oxford), ‘Naturphilosophie and eschatological perfectibility: poetry and literature between philosophy, religion, and natural science in Karoline von Günderrode’


12.45-1.45: LUNCH


1.45-2.45: PANEL 3

Poetry, Music, and Sound

Chair: Carly Watson

Christopher Chan (University of Pennsylvania), ‘“Harmoniously confus’d”: Visual fantasies and audible anxieties in Alexander Pope’s Windsor-Forest

Martin Wåhlberg (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), ‘Poetry and music: the song connection’


3.15-4.45: PANEL 4

Approaches to André Chénier 

Chair: Cédric Ploix

Maria Klimova (Radboud University Nijmegen), ‘Translating Hellenism: The poetic techniques of André Chénier’

David McCallam (University of Sheffield), ‘The Orpheus effect: André Chénier and “embodied” poetry’

Susan Reynolds (British Library), ‘“We are all the contrary: The changing image of Greece in eighteenth-century European poetry’



Catriona Seth (University of Oxford), ‘Melancholy marks: Gray’s Elegy and French verse’






8 July 2016

10.15-11.15: PANEL 5

Poetry and the Epistolary

Chair: Joanna Raisbeck

Grace Egan, ‘The “measure” of Burns’ letters and songs’

Kelsey Rubin-Detlev (University of Oxford), ‘Poetry and friendship in the letters of N. M. Karamzin to I. I. Dmitriev’


11.45-12.45: PANEL 6

Poetry and Sociability

Chair: Jennifer Batt

Stephanie Clayton (Cardiff University), ‘“Consign[ing] Eusebia to celestial Fame”: Integrating patronage and authorship in the poetry of Frances Thynne Seymour, the Countess of Hertford’

Kathleen Keown (University of Oxford), ‘“Call it not Poetry, Call it Rhyming”: Reconsidering eighteenth-century women’s occasional poetry’


12.45-1.30: LUNCH


1.30-3.00: PANEL 7

Cultures of Consumption

Chair: Adam Rounce

Julian Ferraro (University of Liverpool), ‘Satire, laughter, and appetite in the poetry of Pope and Swift’

Andrew Kahn (University of Oxford), ‘Poetry and the discovery of literary pleasure in eighteenth-century Russia’

Andrew Lincoln (Queen Mary, University of London), ‘Imperial landscape: A poet on Gibraltar’


3.15-4.45: PANEL 8

Disseminating Knowledge

Chair: Octavia Cox

Marianne Brooker (Birkbeck, University of London), ‘“[T]he sensation, without the sense, of connection”: Methodizing the compendium’

Corrina Readioff (University of Liverpool), ‘A poetic battle: epigraphic rivalry in The Tatler and The Female Tatler

Madelaine Schurch (University of York), ‘“The world’s something bigger”: Anna Barbauld and the poetics of astronomy’



The Launch of the Redeveloped Digital Miscellanies Index



Digital Humanities and Eighteenth-Century Poetry

Jennifer Batt (University of Bristol) and Adam Rounce (University of Nottingham)


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